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What is the price of outer worlds?

Outer-worlds price varies where you purchase it. If it is purchased on Steam it is typically $60 but had gone on a %66 percent sale before. Not only is this an indiviual game but there are extension pretty much providing two more stories. The extension go for $24.99 in the xpeansion pass but can be purchase individually. The DlC names are Peril on Gorgon and murder on Erindos.

Whats the future look like for Outer-worlds?

The Outer worlds company has intentions of realeaesin a 2nd Outer-worlds in the meer future. However The company was recently purchased by X-box thus likely making it exclusive to X-box players.

The Game is so open and has so many possibilities. There are so many things to do and you can wonder into a cool building on the side of a random road and start a mini mission.

What are all of the weapon elements

  • 50 Physical - Basic kinetic damage that is weak against armor.
  • 50 Plasma - Good against flesh and can apply Burn. Most creatures are weak to plasma, high effectiveness VS Raptidons , Primals & light armor, but it is notably ineffective against mantisaurs.
  • 50 Corrosion - Good against heavy armor, including automechanicals, mantisaurs and heavy armor. Can apply the Acid effect.
  • 50 Shock - Good against automechanicals.
  • 50 N-Ray - Causes internal damage to a target, which then radiates more N-rays to
  • surrounding targets. N-rays bypass most armor, but are weak against non-organic entities. 50 Cold - Can apply Chilled.